To beard or not?

For those that know me, you might have noticed a recent attempt to arrive at the beard party somewhat late. For several years I have resisted for pretty good reasons. I’m not totally convinced they look good, my attempt in my 20s was a pretty weak affair, a beard will age me 10 years. However, of late I’ve given it a bit of a try and now I’m deciding whether to persevere or not.

The practical advice for a trip like this would be to craft a full-on “fly catcher”. These offer the open-faced helmet rider the added safety feature of snaring local flying creatures to prevent face damage in addition to providing an ethically sound source of protein. Something akin to a blue whale filtering for krill.

Fly-catcher beard. Safe and nutritious.

Whilst there may be some merit in this safety feature, I know I wouldn’t be able to carry the look well even if I had the required years to get there. It would be less Easy Rider and more Gandolf…

3 thoughts on “To beard or not?

    1. Ben Brooks

      I agree with Shane – a beard would be a great travel accessory!

      Surely you’re less likely to get attacked too, if you look like a pensioner…


  1. Neil Adams

    Definitely the beard mate, we don’t shave in the jungle because of the risk of getting an infection if you cut yourself shaving. Amazing trip though mate! If you get the opportunity listen to the audiobook Relentless by Dean Stott. He cycled the pan American highway from Argentina to Alaska in record time & he’s an ex Royal Engineer. You might get some gems of information from it!


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