What 3 Words?

I came across this great little app when it was featured in a BBC News article. It’s a really simple idea that can be really useful to lots of people and has already saved lives and is recommended by several emergency services.

The app (available in the usual places and via what3words.com) divides the whole planet into trillions of 3m x 3m squares and gives each square a three word name. Other people can then navigate to that square using the app. I can see how it can save the lives of people who are lost in the countryside, at sea or even in unfamiliar cities, they just give the three words to the emergency services and they can pinpoint them straight away. I think it would be useful too at large crowd events like festivals. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve spent ages trying to re-locate friends in a crowd after a trip to the bar!

For example, one of my very favourite places, though I don’t get to go there all that often, can be found at song.fakes.pushed

I will try and link the three words to each of my travel blog posts in case any other map geeks like me want to find out more via Google street view etc. It might also be useful as breadcrumbs in case anything happens to me and a posse is rounded up to rescue me from guerrillas and/or gorillas deep in the jungle.

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