…and I’m off

Well, the bacon butties every morning, mince pies and what seems like an endless cycle of nights out on the beers have taken their toll. I feel more like a Weeble, than the finely honed international adventurer of my own deluded imagination.

Captain Weeble (or Roy Chubby Brown)

Still, I can keep telling myself that 30 degree heat, lugging a loaded bike around and an aversion to local delicacies like “Cuy” (yep, guinea pig) will soon help me shift the extra timber. We shall see.

“Cuy”…yum yum

Yes, I fly later today and am very excited and more than a little bit anxious. The bike transport people tell me that Bumble has made it in one piece and is all fine for collection on Friday. This is good news cause there won’t be much of an adventure without her. I was somewhat alarmed to see that the place of my first stop – the cool seaside spot of Valparaiso – has been engulfed by forest fires, but I’m hoping that they are now under control, particularly for the local people who have lost their homes or worse.

As always, I’ve underestimated the time it will take for me to do everything. I thought I only had a few bits to finish off but the clock is fast disappearing. Anyway, I’ve been trapped in a bit of a planning vortex for the past few weeks producing endless lists and spreadsheets as if that’s gonna save me when the unexpected happens, as it obviously will.

From here on in, it’s all about how I handle the challenges and surprises that await, not what I’ve done to prepare for the last few weeks. Just need to get my head into the right zone. See you on the other side amigos!

7 thoughts on “…and I’m off

  1. Elaine Sawetz

    Good on you Gus … Go for it!
    I had a PT client (in his late 60’s early 70’s) who sailed single handed across the Atlantic.
    Amazing adventures ahead
    Good Luck
    Big hugs and I’ll think about you whilst on that dance floor.
    Happy days xxx

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