Bumble too

Delighted to report that Bumble made it in one piece! The very helpful Aleksandra from Motobirds was on hand to meet me at the San Antonio bus station. With her multi-lingual skills and hard working local agents she was able to blaze a trail through the local mountain of bureaucracy in just a couple of hours. The “customs check” took all of 30 seconds, but of course every form needed to be completed in triplicate to ensure everyone looked like they were performing an essential task. Added comedy value was provided by the security guard of the compound insisting on hiz viz, hard hats and hard toes for all. In Aleksandra’s case the hard toes consisted of a pair of yellow plastic domes to slip on over her shoes, for full Ronald McDonald effect.

Ah bless…. it’s Bumble

In the customs shed sat alongside row after row of brand new 1200GS’s Bumble looked a little lived in, and I did miss a beat when the moment of truth came to start her up and there was nothing but penetrating silence. Turns out that the battery hadn’t actually been connected as we thought it had and this minor oversight was quickly resolved. Phew. To prove her full mettle, I then proceeded to load Bumble with an unhealthy burden of needless luggage and we waddled off on our adventure…

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