Air B and B

Just thought I’d post a little piece about where I’ve been staying on my travels. For the most part I’ve been really lucky to find some great Air B and B places. I’ve chosen to do this for a few reasons really:

  1. Cost – on the whole, the cost of a self-contained flat/house is less than the cost of a cheap hotel room. So far I’ve been paying between £25 – £45 and these are for the more expensive countries in South America. I’d expect that to drop to £20-£30 for the less expensive countries
  2. Facilities – it’s important that I have somewhere safe, off-street to park Bumble so that’s an important search criteria for me. I also need a washing machine every week or so. It’s cost effective to cook for myself rather than eat out so a cooker, fridge etc is important
  3. Meeting locals – well, it’s not really worked so well for this because generally I just meet to collect the keys. If I was in a shared accommodation this might work well. The places tend to be in local areas though where people actually live so when I’m out buying food or walking around it’s not in the tourist sections
  4. Interesting places – I’ve stayed in some really cool places, much better than I’d get in a hotel/apartment .. here’s a few of the highlights so far:

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