State of play

Just a quick update to let people know where I am and how things are. I know that everyone is experiencing their own Coronavirus related difficulties across the globe (a dirty arse being just one of them).

I’m doing just fine. I made it to Arequipa (just), Peru’s second city. The lock-down started on my first day so I haven’t actually seen much of the place but what I have seen is really cool, it seems a great place. As of today (17/03/20) it’s a State of Emergency, armed troops are on the streets and they’re clamping down on anyone moving around the streets. Only a few exceptions are being allowed. All borders are closed with no flights in or out. This will be the case for at least 15 days.

On the plus side, I’m safe and by pure fluke I happen to be in the best Air B&B apartment of the whole trip.

I have enough food for about 2 weeks so I’ll just have to stay put and see what happens. I will be bored, so anything to distract me in my posh prison cell will be much appreciated.

As for the future, I’m not sure. Unless this thing blows over in a few weeks and travel and crossing borders is OK (which seems pretty unlikely), I think I’ll probably just have to try to get a flight home.

3 thoughts on “State of play

  1. Duncan

    Hi Gus,

    Sorry to hear your adventure has been curtailed, it’s all a bit weird here in the UK too. Event/Pubs/Clubs have all pretty much closed, my work has asked us to work at home, I’m as isolated as you are… but you have a better view! I guess just been thankful you have seen an amazing amount of S. America, more than most. You could have have just turned up in Chile and had your bike nicked of the first day! 🙂


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