About Me

Well, I’m not entirely sure what to put here without it all sounding like a cheesy dating profile…

I guess the purpose of this page is to tell people a bit about me that may not already know me. This site is primarily for family and friends to keep track of my travels but maybe I’ll meet people along the way who might be interested in seeing how I get on. I’ve decided not to use Facebook because I don’t like the idea of my posts dropping into peoples timelines showing how amazing my travels are, it all seems a bit gloaty to me when everyone else is working hard and I’m swanning about.

Anyway, I’ve just turned 50 and having spent the last 20 years working hard (too hard!) at the University of Leicester as an Operations Manager I’ve decided that now is the right time to follow up on the idea I’ve had for a while now, to explore South America by motorbike. I figure that it won’t be much longer before these old bones start aching too much and my current “up for anything” attitude evaporates.

I’m a music lover and would be lost without it. For the most part this involves listening and dancing to the amazing 60’s and 70’s. Northern Soul, Funk, 60’s R&B, Ska, Reggae all feature heavily. I can often be found dancing all night at various Soul do’s and love going to gigs for live music when I can. Here’s some of my favourite Mixcloud artists:

Other passions include Rugby League (Canberra Raiders and *groan* Bradford Bulls), European city breaks, hat wearing, motorbike riding (of course). Most of all, I love going out for a few drinks, or a few too many, and having a laugh with friends, old and new.

I take an interest in current affairs and have views on most things. I’m definitely strongly in favour of equality, human rights, personal choice and responsibility, direct democracy and representation and feel that the state has some responsibility to deliver and maintain these goals. However, I feel that the current major party and electoral system in the UK does nothing for any of this (see Electoral Reform Society for more).